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FIFA 18 Introduces Playable Female Character in Story Mode


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In 2015, Daniel Pezzola worked for Macy’s in its shoe department, where he quickly rose to first in sales among the store’s part-time associates. He currently works as a delivery driver for Washingtonville Pharmacy in Washingtonville, New York. In his free time, Daniel Pezzola enjoys playing the FIFA soccer games on his Sony PlayStation 4.

The latest entry in the FIFA series, FIFA 18, is the first to include a playable female character in the game’s story mode, “The Journey: Hunter Returns.” While players start off playing as Alex Hunter, a male character who debuted in last year’s FIFA game, they soon take on the role of his half-sister, Kim Hunter.

The move follows on the heels of another first for the franchise, when the 2016 edition introduced 12 women’s national teams, marking the first time players could use female characters in the soccer series. The series’ developers collected extensive motion capture data for the female players, as they felt overlaying female bodies on top of the existing male animations would not have been authentic.

Cam Weber, general manager for EA Sports, estimates that over a third of those who play their titles are female. He hopes to keep evolving the FIFA series, as well as other EA Sports titles, to be more inclusive and representative of those players.

Three Career Mode Additions to FIFA 18

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Image: easports.com

A recent graduate of the Catholic University of America, Daniel Pezzola is a delivery driver for New York’s Washingtonville Pharmacy. In his free time, Daniel Pezzola enjoys playing the Electronic Arts (EA) Sports FIFA video game on PlayStation 4.

Each year, EA Sports releases a new edition of the popular FIFA game, with improved graphics, updated rosters, and new features. Below are three features that have been added to the game’s career mode as part of FIFA 18, which is scheduled to be released worldwide on September 29.

1. The Squad Hub: After years of navigating through various menus to find vital information about your players, the Squad Hub allows fans of career mode to find all relevant information, such as player contract length and value, in one place.

2. Player meetings: Previous versions of FIFA utilized a player emotion feature; FIFA 18 expands upon that by allowing you to have one-on-one meetings with players.

3. Player signings unveiled to media: When you sign a prominent player away from another club, he will be introduced to the media in press conference clips.