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Mets Release Outfielder Norichika Aoki


Norichika Aoki pic

Norichika Aoki

Working as a delivery driver for the Washingtonville Pharmacy in New York, Daniel Pezzola is also responsible for creating orders, counting out medication, and ringing out customers. Away from work, Daniel Pezzola is a life-long fan of the New York Mets baseball team.

After the Mets season ended in late October, the team released veteran outfielder Norichika Aoki. Now a free agent, Aoki played with the team for only two months.

Aoki was brought into the team in September, when the Mets struggled to perform with many key players injured. During his time with the team, Aoki’s record stood at .284/.371/.373.

Though the Mets have yet to solidify their outfield roster for the 2018 season, Aoki posed too much of a financial risk for the team. According to the MLB website, Aoki was let go in part over budget concerns, with the Mets needing to ensure they have enough capital to acquire players for multiple positions, including both a starting pitcher and a relief pitcher.

Mets Receive Eric Hanhold from Milwaukee Brewers


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Eric Hanhold

The recipient of a bachelor’s degree in politics from The Catholic University of America, Daniel Pezzola is a delivery driver for Washingtonville Pharmacy who was recently accepted for a one-year service placement in Syracuse with FrancisCorps. Beyond his passion for community service, Daniel Pezzola is an avid fan of Major League Baseball’s (MLB) New York Mets.

In the midst of a disappointing 2017 season, the Mets dealt 31-year-old infielder Neil Walker to the Milwaukee Brewers in exchange for a player to be named later. The Mets also agreed to pay a portion of the $4.7 million he was owed throughout the remained of the seasons. The deal was finally complete on September 12 as the Mets received minor league pitching prospect Eric Hanhold. According to a source within the Brewers, the Mets were given a choice of three low-level relief pitchers and opted for Hanhold, a sixth-round pick of the Brewers in the 2015 MLB Amateur Draft.

After a rocky first two seasons in the minor leagues, Hanhold was much improved in 2017 as he posted a win-loss record of 8-3 to go along with a career-best earned run average of 3.94 for the Carolina Mudcats of the Class-A Carolina League. Walker, meanwhile, has hit for a .257 batting average in 24 games since joining Milwaukee.

Three Career Mode Additions to FIFA 18

FIFA 18 pic


A recent graduate of the Catholic University of America, Daniel Pezzola is a delivery driver for New York’s Washingtonville Pharmacy. In his free time, Daniel Pezzola enjoys playing the Electronic Arts (EA) Sports FIFA video game on PlayStation 4.

Each year, EA Sports releases a new edition of the popular FIFA game, with improved graphics, updated rosters, and new features. Below are three features that have been added to the game’s career mode as part of FIFA 18, which is scheduled to be released worldwide on September 29.

1. The Squad Hub: After years of navigating through various menus to find vital information about your players, the Squad Hub allows fans of career mode to find all relevant information, such as player contract length and value, in one place.

2. Player meetings: Previous versions of FIFA utilized a player emotion feature; FIFA 18 expands upon that by allowing you to have one-on-one meetings with players.

3. Player signings unveiled to media: When you sign a prominent player away from another club, he will be introduced to the media in press conference clips.

The Technical Phases of the Triple Jump

Triple Jump pic

Triple Jump

An active volunteer, Daniel Pezzola regularly offers his services in the areas of homelessness, food runs, tutoring, and mission trips. Daniel Pezzola enjoyed track and field in high school and competed in the 100-meter dash, the 200-meter dash, the long jump, and the triple jump.

Also known as the hop, step, and jump, the triple jump is similar to the long jump but features three distinct movements. To complete the hop phase, a competitor jumps and lands on the same foot following a running start. Although one leg is used to jump and land, the free leg plays an important role in maintaining balance.

After the hop, the competitor continues the forward motion and lands on the foot that was not used in the first phase. This second phase, known as the step, also requires the unused leg to be swung forward to gain enough momentum for the final phase, which is the jump. The jump involves a final leap for maximum distance.