Life as a FrancisCorps Volunteer

FrancisCorps pic


A graduate of Catholic University of America, Daniel Pezzola worked in maintenance at Holiday Inn Express & Suites, in sales for Macy’s and Columbia Sportswear, and in management training at Vineyard Vines. Daniel Pezzola has also volunteered for several non-profit organizations and recently received admission into the FrancisCorps.

An organization dedicated to service according to the spirit of the Gospel, the FrancisCorps brings volunteers together to live in community according to the example of Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi. Volunteers have the opportunity to develop close friendships while serving in the local community.

Many recent college graduates choose to give a year in service with the FrancisCorps to help them discern what direction to go with their lives. The supportive community and time spent giving of themselves helps them to forge greater confidence.

Volunteers with the FrancisCorps live in community and eat their meals together. A typical day involves walking or taking the bus to work after breakfast and then returning to the house in the late afternoon. It might include a little free time before dinner and community prayer time. Then volunteers have the rest of the evening for whatever they need to do.


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