Some of the Benefits of Screaming Eagles Membership

Screaming Eagles pic

Screaming Eagles

A former student of Monroe Woodbury High School, Daniel Pezzola now works at Washingtonville Pharmacy in New York. Outside of work, Daniel Pezzola is a soccer enthusiast who maintains membership to the Screaming Eagles, a club of supporters for the D.C. United soccer team.

Since 1995, the Screaming Eagles has been an energetic presence during D.C. United games, with its 1,100-strong membership buoying the spirits of fans regardless of the score. Membership to the Screaming Eagles costs $30 per year and comes with several benefits, including a free Adidas jersey available in white, red, or black and other merchandise each time the membership is renewed.

Further, Screaming Eagles members receive regular email updates about D.C. United and soccer events in both Washington, D.C., and elsewhere, in addition to receiving free beverages and discounts on food at a tailgate held during every D.C. United weekend home game. Beyond this, the Screaming Eagles maintains a rewards program offering prizes to its volunteers, in addition to holding a yearly “Meet the Team Day” for its members.


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