The Work of FrancisCorps Volunteers

FrancisCorps pic


A graduate of the Washington, D.C.-based Catholic University of America, Daniel Pezzola now works ana an employee of the Washingtonville Pharmacy. Beyond his work, Daniel Pezzola is a community-conscious individual who was recently accepted to FrancisCorps, where he will work alongside eight volunteers in Syracuse for a year to give back to the community.

Founded on the principles of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi, who both believed in the importance of sharing life and prayer with other members of the community, FrancisCorps offers an experience to its volunteers that includes both working alongside those in need in the participant’s assigned community and fostering the community spirit that develops between participants. As part of the FrancisCorps experience, participants eat, pray, and share stories with one another on a daily basis, in addition to sharing in weekly community meetings and night-time celebrations.

FrancisCorps also provides support to volunteers through a network of male and female Franciscans, named “co-ministers,” who offer support through one-on-one meetings and Skype sessions for those who need them.


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